NOW-NJ's Political Action Committee, or NOW-NJ-PAC, supports candidates in state elections (for State Senate, Assembly or Governor.) You must be a member of NOW to contribute to NOW/PAC. NOW-NJ-PAC is the only part of the organization that can endorse state political candidates.

We aggressively seek, support and endorse feminist candidates at local and state levels. The PAC makes recommendations to National NOW on congressional and national races. Our ultimate goal is to achieve full equality for women. We understand that achieving parity for women in policy-making bodies is critical to our issues. We prioritize developing and endorsing feminist women candidates because they are generally the best and most passionate leaders in the fight for women's rights.

A PAC is an entity created to allow a group of individuals to exercise political influence in an election. This usually includes endorsing, supporting, or opposing candidates for public office or issues presented to the public as ballot initiatives or referenda. To further our political objectives we raise money to help elect candidates, we support, or pass referenda. We might also spend money to defeat candidates or issues we oppose.

To Donate to the NOWNJ PAC:
A contribution to the NOWNJ PAC is not tax-deductible. For more information about contributing to the NOW-NJ PAC, contact our legislative chair:">

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